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Welcome to Investockist Platform!

Investockist is a platform to all those serious investors who are already trading in the Indian Equity/ Seeking to enter into the Market, freshly to earn Capital Gains.

Get free Stock Ideas under the Equity Section. There is a ‘Portfolio of Value Stocks’ for long term investors, ‘Growth Stocks’ for long and medium term investors, and our ‘Pick of the Week’ stock quotes, keep you updated for your short term trading strategies.

‘Investockist_Forum’ is a platform to get close all those serious investors who have a wish & will to share their investment ideas and trading strategies. Anything that’s relevant to investments can be discussed here.

Our free Financial Advisory /Financial Planning program is there for you, to forward your financial queries citing goals and time boundaries. We are here to advise you to choose a perfect portfolio to reach your financial goals within a time frame easily.

Happy Investing!

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