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Growth Picks

Gennex Laboratories Ltd.3.72 (Best Buy)10160%6 Months12/04/2018
Indiabulls Housing Finance1225160030%6 Months01/08/2017
Kiri Industries 288 - 299Short Term: 40033%1 Month30/07/2017
Parag Milk Food Ltd.253 - 254SIP on Dips for the long-term wealth creation.400%2 Years23/07/2017
Euro Multivision Limited.3.905.2033%6-7 Months15/06/2017
New Delhi Television Limited.BSE: RS.59.50
NSE Rs.59.85
JM Financial Ltd.116-117160-17030% - 40 %1 Month21/05/2017
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd132.75
Buy at the end of the month. Between 23 -29 May.
280 - 300100%3 - 4 Months16/05/2017
Lupin Ltd.Buy
CMP: 1286.20
1700+30%3m- 4 Months15/05/2017
South Indian Bank Ltd.LTP: 26; Best to buy at around 22-23 levels.38-4065% -70%4 months11/05/2017
Eros International226-227600+150% - 180 %14 to 15 months02/05/2017
HCL Infosystems Ltd.57150 - 200200%2 Years.30/04/2017
Euro Ceramics Ltd.9.3050350% - 400%1 Year30/04/2017
Avanti Feeds Ltd.901 Good Company of Profit growth rate 115%; ROE 50%120030%2 Months24/04/207
Geecee Ventures Ltd140260-280. Be cautious after 200.40% - 50%1 Month22/04/2017
Lakshmi Energy and Foods Ltd.52.7090 (Short-term)
Long 1 Yr target 150-180
Just buy and hold. Next quarter is expected to be good. Stoploss: 40
70%2 Months20/04/2017
Gravita India Ltd.60.4590+ (Short-Term)
Go for Long to make it a growth pick.
50%2 Months18/04/2017
Ugar Sugar Works32.60, Buy at 30 levels9+
Technically on its bullish position. Long-term target for 9 months, Rs. 180 -200
Short-term: 220%
Long-term: 500%
4 Months
Wait till August
Power Finance Corporation152.4022040%6 Months10/04/2017
Hindustan Motors Ltd. (Good for Long-term Investors)9.912515%6 Months08/04/2017
Gennex Lab.5.88 It's moving very cautiously. Won't come back. Target for 10-11.Short term target 1524/04/2017
Aarti Industries Ltd.789Keep Investing for the consistent profit growth of more than 40% annually.04/04/2017
RattanIndia Infrastructure good Stock. Buy and hold to create Wealth.4.36Near - Term Target
Long- Term 14 -15. Difficult to guess the future of growth stocks. Buy and hold is recommended.
20 %

1 Month

1 Year ( Max. March 2018)

Sakuma Exports Ltd.Buy at any Current Market Price
NSE: 64.45
Add few at 53 -55 levels, if it goes down.
140 -150120%9 Months02/04/2017
Sandesh Ltd.962120025 %- 30%3 months30/03/2017
Divis Labs.6261500130%6 Months29/03/2017
KEC International Ltd.169.8021023%1 Month13/03/2017
IndiabullIndiabulls Venturess Ventures36.65AnyAny2 years02/21/2017
Suzlon Energy18.2036100%6 Months02/23/2017
Tata Motors46571553%6 Months06/03/2017
Power Finance Corporation141.4523063%9 Months17/03/2017
Divis Laboratories LtdBSE: 624.45
NSE: 622.95
Keep investing. Huge growth will be expected.30/03/2017