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Technicals Are Differentiating From Temptations

Mental Pulsations are Different from Heart Beats

34,445.75 and 10,582.60. Hope all of you know what these numbers are? When, Sensex was at 36,283 on 29th,January’18, all were expecting the correction. But, not sure about the number of points it’s going to correct. Now, after the correction of 1830 Points of Sensex, and looking at the technicals I found few supportive algorithms, that are indicating the uptrend. And, my imaginary expected uptrend is very bullish. Has the capacity to cross the set target of Sensex 40,000. Can even continue till 43,000. All these are just technicals. But, what about the supportive fundamentals? Can we expect any improvement in the recent prevailing situation. Reforms are to help the economy grow and lead. I hope that will happen. If not, at least for the coming few months, makets will gain all the energy to show their strength. 

Correction helps to value the companies to their true /intrinsic value. Else, who will gain are only the promoters and operators. Correction is good enough, as long as it’s minimal with regular time gaps. Industry is the backbone of any country’s economy. Lagging industrial growth /performance is the indication of poor economy. Let’s hope for the best. Hope, our indices are not going to witness an all time lows after touching the most possible highs. Hope, all the investors interests will be protected. And, hope our indices will gain to make new highs and Sensex will cross the set 40,000 mark. 


Sensex 33,096.94. Nifty 10,173.45. In think market correction is almost over. Will end up on 12th March 2018, I mean coming Monday. A fresh gain in the Indices will be visualized from then onwards. But, few awesome stocks are going to recover from tomorrow itself. Technically the trend will be much bullish than earlier. At the peak steepness will be witnessed. All these are technicals. Let’s watch what’s going to happen!!!


All assumptions are made, purely based on Technical Analysis. Please do, your own analysis before investing. I’m not at all responsible for your future investment decisions.

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