Company: RattanIndia Infrastructure (RIL)

Sector: Power Generation and Distribution

BSE: 534597
ISIN: INE834M01019

CMP: BSE 4.14    NSE: 4.15

Target Price

One of the weak areas of our country is its infrastructure. Without proper and enough infra. the county’s economic growth rate also lags a lot. There is a considerable improvement in other areas of infrastructure, like Telecom, Roads, Airoprts and Seaports, except power. Considering the challenging demands for power, power infra companies have a great future ahead.

Since from its inception in 2000, Indiabulls has become the trademark of success and trust. RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. being one of the originated wings of Indiabulls, I feel has inherited that success culture and is set ready to fly high.

“RattanIndia is unequivocally committed to all its stakeholders, investors, vendors and policy planners. At RattanIndia, every team member is encouraged to ensure that stakeholders’ interests are uppermost”

They will prove this in the future. Just believe, and proceed to become a partner.

RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. is in Diversified Sectors

Currently the company is in three diversified sectors viz. Solar Renewable Energy, Mining and Cements along with the main Thermal Power Generation. All of which are sectors with greater future growth prospects.

In a very short span of time, RattanIndia Infra made its position among the top 500 companies of India. I expect, it will be listed in NIFTY 50 within 5-8 years.

Thermal Power

The current economic growth rate of India needs 300 GW of power within 10 years. To meet this requirement, the current production capacity should be increased by 5 fold to 10 fold. RattanIndia Infra, not only being belonged to the Infra Sector, specifically to the Power Infra, but also being managed by the efficient and successful cultured management, undoubtedly has a great future ahead. I hope so.

Solar Power (Green Energy Initiative)


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